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Have your own secure store on the web by tapping into our powerful, easy to use and 100% secure shopping cart solution. Process credit cards, e-checks, manage customer accounts and inventory, promote specials, contact customers, print invoices and more! You also will have the ability to sell physical or digital products, all in one solution!

We will also help you set up your account and train your employees on the exciting features so that you can enjoy the many benefits of having your own eCommerce solution.

Already Have A Website?
Connects to your existing web site
No Files to Download or Install
QuickBooks™ Compatible
UPS, USPS and FedEx Shipping
Our Shopping Cart Will Help Your Company:
Encourage Repeat Sales
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Provide A Safe Online Shopping Experience
Save Money With Our Secured Hosting Environment

Read below for detailed information on how you can begin selling online immediately with KMWeb Designs!

Access The Administration Demo
This account has been set up for training purposes only (changes will not be saved). Feel free to use this account to become familiar with the user administration area of our shopping cart system.
Merchant Code: 107
Password: 510283

Shopping Cart Benefits [top]

Our Shopping Cart is not only feature rich and easy-to-use but will provide you and your customers with an array of benefits.

Reduce Costs
Because we host your shopping cart, you will not have to go through the trouble and expense of setting up a secure server. You will avoid paying annual fees for SSL technology, database software and an SSL security certificate. You'll save at least $500 each year, which more than pays for the cost of our service.

We use focus groups to test our shopping cart, which allows us to analyze consumer habits and perfect any area of the ordering process that may be confusing. Participants are both male and female, ages 10 to 80 and range in skill level and educational background.

Save Time
You can signup now and begin setting up your shopping cart within minutes! There is no software to download or install, no complicated files to configure, and no programming experience is necessary. Our secure online administration area will guide you through the entire process... step-by-step.

Our top-notch development team goes to great lengths to ensure that your customers enjoy a smooth and error-free shopping experience. Our servers are load balanced, utilize redundancy on many levels and are backed up nightly at an offsite facility. Our network is powered by multiple OC48-192 connections direct to each major backbone provider.

We protect sensitive payment and contact information as it moves from your customer's browser to our servers with 128 Bit SSL Encryption, certified through Thawte, Inc. Additional security procedures are implemented to safeguard data that is stored within our database. Your customers will feel safe and confident when ordering from your web site.

Because we host your shopping cart and retain all customer information on our servers, you can manage your shopping cart settings and order information from any internet connection in the world. This also gives you the freedom to move your web site to different hosting companies, without affecting your customer's ability to order your products online.

Based on user feedback and changes within the e-commerce industry, we routinely make upgrades to our shopping cart. We sometimes add optional, fee-based features, however, most upgrades are available at no extra charge. This means you get to use a service that continually offers you more but does not require that you pay more for each upgrade.

Increased Sales
Many companies report an increase in sales after using our Shopping Cart, because we focus first and foremost on your customers and their needs. Happy customers = repeat and referral sales!

Shopping Cart Features [top]

The following is only a partial list of the features and benefits offered by our Shopping Cart System.

Web-based Administration
There are no files to download or install to begin using our shopping cart. You can manage all of your shopping cart settings, orders, reports and customer information 24 hours a day through our secure, web-based administration area.

Sell Products, Services, or Files (Digital Goods)
With the click of a button, you will be able to decide how your shopping cart works, based on the type of goods or services you sell at your web site. You can sell products, services, files or all three at once!

Digital Goods Management
Sell files to your customers, such as e-books or software.

  • To maintain the highest levels of security, all files are stored on our servers.
  • Encrypted keys allow our system to monitor download activity.
  • Limit the number of times your customers can download a file.
  • Limit the amount of time your customers have to download a file.
  • Your customers can download files immediately after their payment has been processed.
  • Enable/disable sending your customers download instructions and file links by email.

QuickBooks® Compatible
Import orders directly into QuickBooks®. You'll save countless hours by not having to manually enter each order. Easily import one order or hundreds at once!

Customize Shopping Cart Appearance
Create a shopping cart theme that will fully integrate with your overall site design, giving customers a seamless transaction.

  • Change background, font and section header colors.
  • Upload a background image.
  • Display your company logo at the top of each page.
  • Use any currency symbol.
  • Add custom messages to each page of your shopping cart.
  • Use your own image buttons in the pages of your shopping cart.
  • Display a small image next to each item your customer adds to their cart.

Sub-user Accounts
Create sub-user accounts for employees and limit their access to specific areas of the administration area. This comes in handy when you need someone to retrieve your daily orders but do not want them to be able to change your cart settings or view private information.

8 Methods of Payment
Accept up to 8 methods of payment. Accept credit cards, checks, PayPal payments, Purchase Orders, COD, telephone, fax and mail orders. Our shopping cart is compatible with the internet's most popular payment gateways.

4 Powerful Shipping Tools
Offer your customers shipping options using any of our Shipping Tools.

  • UPS Online Shipping. Our shopping cart will retrieve all available shipping methods and rates, in real-time, from UPS servers.
  • USPS Online Shipping. Our shopping cart will retrieve all available shipping methods and rates, in real-time, from USPS servers.
  • FedEx Online Shipping. Our shopping cart will retrieve all available shipping methods and rates, in real-time, from FedEx servers.
  • Create your own custom shipping options based on order weight, number of items ordered, order subtotal or flat fee per item. You can also limit shipping options to a one or more states or countries.

Product Management
Easily maintain and control any size of product database.

  • Add up to 20,000 products to our database. Easily edit all product information within our web-based administration area.
  • Import and export product data. This allows you to edit product information using spreadsheet or database software.
  • Sell products, services or a combination of both. Our shopping cart will automatically adjust the type of information requested from your customers, based on the type of items in their cart.
  • Allow your customers to add one product at a time to their shopping cart or many products at once.
  • Easily create add-on options for the items you offer (e.g., small, medium, large, X-Large add $2.00).
  • Accept product quantities as whole numbers (e.g., 1 shirt) or in decimal form (e.g., 1.25 yards of fabric).
  • Limit product quantities to specific increments. For example, only allow quantities that are a multiple of 1.5 (e.g., 1.5, 3, 4.5, etc.).
  • Set a minimum and a maximum quantity amount for each product.

Order Management
Easily maintain your customers orders and keep them updated on the status of their shipments.

  • Store up to 20,000 orders in our database.
  • Quickly look up customer information based on order date, range of dates, name, invoice number or email address.
  • Easily organize your orders by placing invoices in the New, Pending, Processed or Cancelled folder.
  • Allow your customers to track the status of their order 24 hours a day!
  • Create custom order status levels such as, "Your order is being processed" and "Your order has been shipped."
  • View all order details within our secure, web-based administration area.
  • Export order data into a CSV or IIF file. A CSV file can be imported into spreadsheet or database software. An IIF file can be imported directly into QuickBooks®

Customizable Autoresponders
Easily manage all of your outbound email messages by creating up to 20 autoresponders at no additional charge!

  • Choose from different events that determine when an email is sent.
  • Set rules that limit outbound emails to specific conditions.
  • Customize the text and format of each email message.
  • Insert the order information of your choice into email messages.
  • Send each email to up to 4 recipients.
  • Customize the text that appears in the "To" and "From" fields.
  • Send emails in plain text or html format.
  • Control where emails are returned in the event they cannot be delivered.
  • Easily enable or disable any outbound email message.

Inventory Control
Easily manage and track your inventory with our system.

  • Our shopping cart will track and update available inventory for each of the products you sell.
  • Set a low inventory warning level. Our system will send you a notice by email if inventory is running low.
  • Prevent customers from ordering "out of stock" items.
  • Apply inventory settings to products or product attribute combinations. For example, if you sold t-shirts, you could track inventory for large, blue t-shirts separate from small, green t-shirts.

Multiple reporting tools help you save time while powerfully analyzing your online sales results.

  • Review sales reports in an instant! Quickly view gross sales, net sales, sales tax collected, or shipping costs over a period of time. Choose from a variety of reports and formats.

Fraud Prevention
You can require that your customers enter the security code displayed on their credit card. This is an excellent way to insure your customer's have physical possession of the credit card they are using.

Sales Tax
Create an unlimited number of sales tax rates for any city, state, province, zip code or country. If you sell to organizations that are not required to pay sales tax, you can provide them with tax exempt codes.

Minimum Order Amount
Set a minimum order amount that requires customers to reach a specific dollar amount per order. For each product, you can also set minimum and maximum order amounts.

Lead Information
Add a "How did you hear about us?" drop-down box to your shopping cart. This is a powerful marketing tool that will enable you to determine where your customers are coming from.

Volume Discounts
Reward your customers for purchasing in volume. Create volume discounts and apply them toward specific items or to an entire order.

Promotional Discounts
Provide select customers with "Customers Codes" that can be used to receive a discount when ordering from your web site. This works great for customer appreciation sales!

Recall Customer Information

Save your customer's time! Your shopping cart will automatically recall your customer's billing and shipping address each time they return to your web site to place an order.

Remote Order Notification
Pass order information from your shopping cart to another server. This is a very powerful feature that allows advanced users to manage order data in any way they like.

Affiliate Tracking
With seconds you can easily Integrate any affiliate tracking software with our shopping cart.

Web Development Software Compatible
Our shopping cart is 100% compatible with all web site development software, including all versions of FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

Business Resources
Gain access to our Business Resource Center and review products and services that will take your business to the next level.

Sites Currently Using Our Software [top]

Here are a few sites that are using our shopping cart solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions [top]

How many products can I sell?
You can add up to 20,000 products to your shopping cart database.

Does the shopping cart include credit card processing?
The shopping cart will collect your customer's credit card information but to process the credit card order over the internet, you will need a payment gateway account that is compatible with our service. Your real-time processor is the company that will handle the actual transfer of funds when a credit card order takes place. KMWeb Designs can recommend some options.

Can I only sell products at my website?

No. You can sell products, services or files that can be downloaded from your web site.

Can I still use your cart if I don't have my own domain name?
Yes, even if you only have a one page site under another company's domain name.

Do you charge transaction fees to use the shopping cart?
No. You only pay one flat fee per billing cycle (depending on which plan you choose: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual).

Does your company use my customer's information in any way?
No. Your customer's information is made available only to YOU.

Will my customers see advertisements?
Absolutely not. We do not use your shopping cart account as a way to promote our services or any another company's products or services.

How do PayPal payments work through your shopping cart?
Once you've specified that you would like to accept PayPal payments in the Shopping Cart Administration Area, PayPal will immediately display as a payment option for your customers. Your customers will be able to add and remove items from their shopping cart as normal. When they are ready to "Checkout," they can choose to pay by PayPal. Your customer will then enter their billing/shipping address and then connect to the PayPal payment web site to complete the transaction. Please note that your customers will not have to re-enter their address information once they reach the PayPal web site.

What are the advantages to using your service over buying a shopping cart solution?
The primary advantage is cost. On the surface, it may seem more cost effective to buy shopping cart software and host it yourself but when you add up the yearly reoccurring costs involved with running a secure server, paying SSL certificate renewal fees, paying for software upgrades, not to mention all of the time you will invest maintaining the entire system, the cost of buying and hosting a shopping cart solution far exceeds our service fees.

Installing and maintaining a shopping cart requires a lot of time and highly technical skills. With our shopping cart, you don't have to worry about installing programs, SSL software, SSL certificates or a database management system, which are all needed to power a shopping cart. You also won't have to manage the never-ending process of keeping all of these applications up to date with the latest security patches. We have a full-time Systems Administrator and Software Development team that will take care of everything for you, so you can focus on the success of your business.

Will your shopping cart work with my affiliate tracking system?
Most affiliate tracking systems work in the same way, which makes the majority of them compatible with our shopping cart. If your affiliate tracking system requires that you place HTML code on your order receipt or "Thank you" page, then it will definitely work with our shopping cart.

Compatible Payment Gateways [top]

eBay Certified Solution. With our eBay Checkout merchant shopping cart feature, buyers can pay for auction items through your shopping cart and merchant account.

The following payment gateways can be used with our ecommerce Shopping Cart software to process credit card transactions.

Google Checkout®
LinkPoint API
NMI Gateway Services
Nobel Pay
PayPal® Standard
PayPal® Pro
Plug'n Pay
QuickBooks Merchant Services
Sage Payment Solutions
VeriSign - Payflow Pro
VeriSign - Payflow Link

Affiliate Account Compatibility
The following affiliate tracking systems are compatible with our shopping cart. If your affiliate tracking system is not listed below, more than likely it will work with our Shopping Cart (more information).

Affiliate Tracking Network
Commission Junction
My Affiliate Program
Ultimate Affiliate

Securing A New Merchant Account
Our shopping cart solution will work with any of the payment gateways listed above, but if you are in need of a merchant account (which allows you the ability to accept Credit Card transactions from your site) we can
provide you one FREE of charge! This is a $295 value that we have secured for all new clients using our Shopping Cart Solution.

Here Is What You Receive:

  • Merchant account for Immediate Transaction Processing
  • A Secure, Encrypted, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Payment Gateway that will allow you to accept credit card payments in real-time over the internet.
  • A Virtual Terminal for processing off-line credit card orders.
  • Set up with all Major Credit Cards!
  • All funds wired into the checking account of your choice!
  • Online reporting and management of your transactions!
  • No Application Fee!
  • No Paperwork
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Annual Fee
  • FREE Online Sales Tracking and Reporting
  • FREE Fraud Screening and Protection
  • FREE Automatic Daily Batching
  • FREE American Express Setup
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Support

For more information, please contact us.

Pricing [top]

KMWeb Designs is pleased to offer you a branded, shopping cart solution that is economical, flexible and scalable for any type of business. Please carefully review the information provided below. All fees listed in this section are in addition to any site design or site hosting that has been quoted.

To sell products on your site, you will need three things: A Shopping Cart so that your customers can choose to add and remove the products they would like to purchase, a Secure Server so that online transactions take place in a secure environment, and a Merchant Account which allows you to accept credit cards and transfer money into your bank account.

Shopping Cart Fees
If you select to use our Shopping Cart solution, you will need to have us host your Shopping Cart. Please note this is in addition to site hosting. A one time Set-up fee of $99.00 is needed for training and maintenance. A charge of $29.95 will be billed monthly from KMWeb Designs.

Secure Server Fees
We host your shopping cart on our own secure server so you avoid paying annual fees for SSL technology, database software and an SSL security certificate. You'll save at least $500 each year, which more than pays for the cost of our service.

Merchant Account Fees
We can provide an online merchant account FREE at no charge (a $295 value) or you can use your own (retail merchant accounts will need to apply for an online account). A $5.00 monthly statement fee will be added along with a $20.00 monthly Gateway Access Fee. The payment gateway manages the actual verification and processing of online credit card payments. All merchant fees are deducted directly from your bank account. All income generated is deposited into your bank account within 72 hours.

Shopping Cart Set-Up Fee $ 99.00
Merchant Account Application/Set-Up Fee $ 0.00

Monthly Charge For Hosted Shopping Cart $ 29.95
Monthly Statement Fee* $ 10.00*
Monthly Merchant Account Gateway Access Fee* $ 20.00*
* Not applicable if you have your own Merchant Account

Visa/Mastercard Application Fee $ 0.00
Visa/Mastercard Per Transaction Fee $ 0.25 ** +2.18% **

American Express Application Fee $ 0.00
American Express Per Transaction Fee $ 0.25** +3.25%**

Discover Application Fee $ 0.00
Discover Per Transaction Fee $ 0.25** +2.3-2.5%**

** Fees set by third party and not controlled by KMWeb Designs, therefore can differ from what's posted above. Consult your final contract from third party merchant services for exact fees.

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